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[ On Demand TV ]


We produce videos. We also offer video streaming, media storage and distribution.

About Us

On Demand TV  - we are working with content. Producing content. Transcoding existing and new content. Hosting content. And distributing content to niche markets on various platforms. Our technical partners are testing the latest hardware and software for clients. ODTV markets set top boxes, media players, TV dongles, tablet TV’s and more.

“We predict that with the right actions by a variety of stakeholders the connected home market could be worth £3 billion a year within the next eight years”.

Gartner Report

Digital Television R & D

Digital Set Top Boxes should connect to the Internet for more entertainment and access to educational media as and when needed. We are testing and placing set top boxes in various markets.

Free to Air as well as Encrypted solutions.

DVB-S/S2, DVB-T2 as well as Internet connected solutions.

Digital Set Top Boxes

Deliver your streaming to all mobile and connected devices - Smart TV’s, connected TV’s, set top boxes, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and everything in between. Our team has deep experience building everything from app modifications and mobile apps to interactive platforms and robust enterprise solutions that leverage interactive streaming technology.

Media Servers and Players

TV, Internet, Smart TV and Home Networks  -  the new SAT to IP converters make it possible to distribute satellite TV over home networks, power line adapters or Wi-Fi networks. Stream satellite video and radio to TV sets, receivers, media players, PC’s, smart phones and tablets.

Up to 4 units can access different TV programmes at the same time.

Satellite to Internet converters


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Digital TV Lingo