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[ On Demand TV ]


On Demand TV  -  watch what you like when and where you want to. Take your media with you and watch on any screen!

Content Delivery

Online and Connected TV travel shoppers want to see visual content that makes them feel welcome at a place, before booking. Your website is a critical component of your venues’ presence.

Travel Channel

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Listen to thousands of Internet radio stations featuring online music in every style, including hip hop, jazz, South African sounds and more. It takes seconds to sign-up and it's absolutely free.

Music Channel

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Free to use learning and teaching content from diverse content providers and educators from around the world. Mission - To help equalize access to education, we make world-class learning materials freely available.

Education Channel

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HD Media Players - Most media players are easy to use. You plug the device into the wall, connect it to the HDMI input on your TV, turn it on and start watching your videos, photos and listening to your music. Create play lists and have fun.

Android Based Smart TV Players - Turn your humble television into a Smart TV. Link the player with Internet and download videos, music and photos. You can also stream your own videos and photos to your TV.

Connected TV and IPTV - connect your TV to the Internet. Buy a Smart TV or get a Smart TV upgrade box. Link it to your Home Network and watch your videos on your tablet, laptop, PC or any other linked TV set.

Who is the driving force behind the massive Home Networks growth? It’s everyone who owns a smart phone, tablet, game console, PC, and IP-connected set-top box expecting to be able to watch whatever they want on the hardware of their choice. Smart homes are no longer the domain of the rich and famous, and today we are seeing the dawn of the “Internet of Things” becoming a common fixture in homes throughout the world. It’s about time. Get yours now!!