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Research by the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) reveals that 39% of South African adults have access to the Internet, meaning Internet users have grown by more than two million in the last 12 months.

Research conducted by the DMMA and Echo Consultancy estimates the total Internet population in South Africa in 2013 grew to almost 14 million users.

The figure was derived from the All Media Products Survey (AMPS) and independently validated by Effective Measure (EM), the DMMA’s official measurement provider for digital audience data.

This comes as good news for suppliers of smart TV’s and networking products, as it reflects a larger Internet audience than basic AMPS levels, says DMMA in a statement.

Many users have multiple forms of broadband access – such as an ADSL account as well as 3G.

The growth of internet  users is expected to continue. See Telkom massive campaign for “Home as a Hotspot” in al major media.

The growth of internet  users is also the reason why more people are opting for home networks.

As the use of multiple connected devices in the home continues to increase year over year, home networks provide the foundation to connect mobile devices, appliances and systems in the home .

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