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Create and manage your own Home Network.



Home Networks - A Home that is a Hotspot. Link all your digital equipment together. Connected Homes are a world wide Trend!!

Thin Clients are used in home, office and educational networks. Thin clients are cheaper to buy and to maintain computers.

Home Theatre - the central point of home entertainment. Use your home network to link all your phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s and TV.

NAS Servers are popular to store vast amounts of photos, videos, music and even to stream videos to tablets and television sets.

Media Players turn your television sets into smart televisions. Stream your own videos or download from the Internet.

Television sets connect to the Internet. A Smart TV gives you access to a wide variety of online entertainment. TV is now part of Home Network

Learn about all these wonderful technologies. Create and maintain your own home network - or create a job for yourself in networks.